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In the stadium, where is the main application of LED display?
Author:Young      time:2024-04-07
Timing scoring

It is connected to the timing and scoring system of the game, playing the players' results and related information, in the sense of the game, the timing and scoring screen is more important, some venues can not have a large video screen, but can not be without a screen for timing and scoring. The key to the timing and scoring screen is to be accurate and clear in real time, and try to be as vivid and expressive as possible on this basis (such as animation, etc.). The scoring screen mainly displays the players' results, information, or other information in the form of text or text plus graphic animation. Its colors can be made monochrome, bicolor, or full color.

The big screen of the event
It is used to broadcast the wonderful scenes on the field (including other venues) at the game site, or to replay the live close-up shots of the excitement in slow motion, or to show the game and a certain event in 3D animation.

LED fence screen
The LED display next to the stadium is not only used to play commercials, but also to play back the wonderful shots on the field, so that every wonderful moment can be savored. The LED fence screen is made up of many single boxes connected, the weight of each box is controlled, and the boxes are connected by snap-on connectors, so that the design realizes that the manual can be quickly and easily disassembled and easy to maintain. There is a separate support foot behind each cabinet, through which the angle between the screen and the ground can be adjusted to ensure the viewing angle of the audience.

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