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How Does LED Billboards Work?
Author:Young      time:2024-04-07
Features of LED billboard advertising include:
High brightness: The LED display has high brightness and high contrast, which is able to maintain good visibility during the day and night, attracting more visual attention.

Dynamic content: The LED display supports content playback in the form of multimedia such as videos, animations, and images, making the advertisements more vivid and attractive.

Remote control: LED billboard advertising is usually connected to a cloud server, which can remotely update and control advertising content, which is convenient for advertisers to publish and replace advertisements in real time.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Compared with traditional billboards, LED billboard advertising has lower energy consumption, long service life and is environmentally friendly.

Advertising conversion: LED billboard advertising can take turns to play multiple advertising content, increase the frequency of advertising conversion, and improve the effect of advertising communication.

LED billboard advertising is widely used in urban landscapes, commercial plazas, shopping malls, stadiums, stations, airports and other places, becoming an indispensable part of the modern urban landscape. Through high brightness and dynamic content, LED billboard advertising can attract people's attention and provide advertisers with a more intuitive and effective means of publicity.

What are the advantages of LED billboards?

LED billboards have a variety of advantages that make them a popular form of modern advertising. Here are the main advantages of LED billboards:

High brightness and clarity: The LED display has high brightness and high contrast, which can remain clearly visible in various lighting conditions, making the advertising content more eye-catching and eye-catching.

Dynamic content: LED billboards support multimedia content such as videos, animations, and images, which are more attractive and visually impactful than traditional static ads.

Flexibility and real-time updates: LED billboards can update advertising content remotely through the Internet, and advertisers can publish and replace advertisements in real time, flexibly responding to market demand and activity changes.

Energy saving and environmental protection: LED display technology is more energy-saving than traditional lighting and display technology, and at the same time, it has a long lifespan, reduces energy consumption and waste generation, and is conducive to environmental protection.

Advertising conversion: LED billboards can set up multiple advertising contents and play them in a loop, increase the frequency of advertising conversion, and improve the effect of advertising communication.

Stylish and modern: LED billboards have a sleek look and a modern look, which can add color to the cityscape and commercial areas, and enhance the brand image.

The working principle of LED billboards is as follows:
LED Beads: LED billboards use many LED beads to display content. These LED lamp beads are usually red, green, and blue, and can produce various colors through different combinations.

Pixels and pixel density: Each LED light bead represents a pixel in the LED billboard. Pixel density refers to the number of pixels on an LED display per square meter. Fine pitch LED billboards have a high pixel density, so they can present higher resolution and more detailed images.

Control system: The control system of LED billboard is responsible for controlling the brightness and color of LED light beads to display the desired content. These control systems can be operated remotely via a cloud server, computer, or other control device.

Image and video processing: Before the ad can be played, the image and video need to go through a specific processing to convert them into a format suitable for LED display. These processes may include adjusting resolution, color correction, and format conversion, among other things.

Power supply: LED billboards need a stable power supply. A dedicated power supply unit is usually used to provide current and voltage to ensure that the LED lamp beads work properly.

Display content: Once all the setup and processing is complete, the LED billboard can start playing the advertising content. According to the predetermined schedule or real-time demand, the control system sends the advertising content to the LED lamp beads, so as to display the corresponding image, text or video.

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