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Vehicle Advertising Sign, Cloud Migratior
Author:Young      time:2024-04-25

· Solution Introduction

We have a dedicated platform that provides a cluster for advertisers and vehicle operators An online platform to manage in-vehicle advertising

 devices for flexibility in achieving advertising goals.

· Architecture

alows adverisers to easily manage a large number of vehicle-mounted adverising sions and conduct inteligent group management. Adverisers 

canselect taraet audiences more accurately to ensure more taroeted adverising. On the platiom, adverisers can choose fom a vanety of 

adverising pubish methods. Moreimportantly, we provide intelligent targeted publish function to make ads more accurate and improve advertising 


· Characteristics

 Simple & Convenient

The primary feature is the simple and convenientadvertising publish procedure of the platform.Advertisers just need to set

 a ads name and specify amedia material then can create and publish adsquickly, which will eliminating the tedious 

arrangementand layout work. This user-friendly design saves a lotof time for advertisers, thereby they can focusing moreon 

creative and strategic considerations of advertisingcontent.

 Accurate Post

The platform not only provides groupedadvertising by route, but also supports preciseadvertising by geographical location. 

Advertisers canchoose the most suitable advertising way based on thegeographical distribution and behavioral habits of 

thetarget audiences. This precise advertising strategyhelps to ensure that the advertisement can moreaccurately cover the

 target audiences, improve thereach effect of the advertisement, and thus win greaterexposure for brand promotion.

 Data Statistics & monitoring

The Platform not only provides the function ofviewing and exporting advertising playback logs, butalso supports real-time 

monitoring of advertisingplayback screenshots. So advertisers can obtaindetailed data of advertising playback at anytime 

andanywhere, so they can have a much morecomprehensive analysis and evaluation of advertisingeffectiveness.Advertisers 

can adjust their advertisingplayback strategies quickly to ensuring thatadvertisements remain efficient and effective in a 

ever-changing market environment. 

 Equipment position & trajectory inthe real time

The platform provides real-time positioning andtracking functions for the screens,so advertisers canget the 

accurate position of the current device and thevehicle's trajectory in real time. This not only helpsadvertisers

 understand the geographical range ofadvertising playback, but also provides real-timemonitoring of vehicle

 movement paths. Thiscomprehensive real-time information gives advertisersmore insight and helps them 

develop more intelligentadvertising strategies, maximizing the effectiveness ofadvertising punishment.

· Private Deployment

Private deployment can meet the personalized requirements of users, WINFIN team can carry out secondary 

development according to clients’ customized requirements more flexible, without being constrained by public 

platform services. Private Platform will features more personalized and more functions.


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