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Learn how LED interactive floor tile screens work
Author:Young      time:2024-04-08

In fact, the lamp beads, module kits and boxes used for LED floor tile screens are not very different from ordinary LED screens, but considering that the HD LED floor tile screens are stepped on, the bearing capacity of the box will be considered, and the acrylic mask or acrylic glass should be added on the module to protect the lamp beads from being stepped on. Here are four factors that affect the life of LED display. LED interactive tile screen is to load radar interactive equipment on the basis of LED tile screen to provide better service experience for the audience.

The following 8 minutes will show you how LED interactive tile screen works!

A. Principle of LED floor tile screen

1. The multimedia interaction system is composed of image motion capture device, data transceiver, data processor and LED floor tile screen.

2. The image motion capture device realizes the capture and collection of participants\' images and motion data.

3. The function of data transceiver is to realize the express transmission of data between action capture.

4. The data processor is the core part to realize real-time interaction between participants and various effects. It analyzes and processes the collected image and motion data, and merges and processes the data inherent in the processor.

B. Composition of interactive LED floor tile screen system:

The first part is the signal acquisition part, which can capture and display according to the interactive demand. The capture equipment includes sensor chip, video camera, camera, etc;

The second part is the signal processing part, which analyzes the real-time collected data and interfaces the generated data with the virtual scene system;

The third part: imaging part, which uses interactive materials and floor tile display equipment to present the image in a specific location, and LED floor tile screen can be used as the carrier of interactive image display;

Part IV: auxiliary equipment, such as transmission lines, installation components, interactive master control, computers, engineering wiring and audio devices, etc. 

C. Application direction of interactive LED floor tile screen:

1. Used to build stage effect

The traditional stage performance effect is usually a light hanging in the middle of the air, with little ground interaction effect. Now the appearance of interactive tile screen has changed this situation. Through real-time interaction between actors and floor tile screens, the interest of stage performances is increased and the visibility of stage performances is improved.

2. Attract customers for the mall

From the location of the shopping mall, to the festival activities, to the membership card, and to the group promotion, all of them are for more customer flow. Now, the emergence of LED interactive tile screen can make drainage activities more effective with less effort. Shining floor tiles and interactive screens will attract more attention and increase more traffic.

3. Help tourism

We travel, go to the Red Education Base, go to the mountain villa, go to the park, go to the mountain climbing, go to the sea, go to the trees, go to the flowers, and so on. We often see places of interest, which are very natural and historical. If equipped with interactive LED floor tile screen with a sense of science and technology, it is believed that it will bring "shock" and "super value" experience to tourists, and at the same time, it will be very helpful to the reputation of tourist attractions.

As the interactive experience of the LED floor tile screen becomes more and more intelligent, it can allow the audience to participate in it from watching to personally, experience the fun and invisibly attract more people's attention and traffic. Therefore, it is more and more widely used in the field of dance beauty, glass plank roads, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, schools and new retail. At the same time, it can also help the hospital to help patients do rehabilitation exercises, so that patients will not be so boring when doing rehabilitation, and bring more fun to patients.

In addition, in addition to the curved LED ceiling screen and the high-definition LED display on both walls, the LED time tunnel display screen, which is now very popular, will also be installed on the ground with LED interactive tile screen. At the same time, it is equipped with interactive radar sensing equipment or AR/VR system. When the audience is sensing the changes of seasons, space, ocean and vast starry sky on the LED time tunnel display screen, the LED interactive tile screen on the ground will also have corresponding special effects display, bringing immersive experience to the audience, and become the online red LED time tunnel screen in recent years.

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