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P1.86 LED standing display screen for shopping mall

Stand-up LED poster display is suitable for commercial advertising, exhibitions, shopping malls, entertainment venues and other scenarios. Its advantages include high brightness, high definition, bright colors, remote control, easy to update, space-saving, eye-catching, multi-functional, etc. Its special design and dynamic effect can attract people's attention, increase publicity effect and brand influence. Moreover, it is easy to operate, and the display content can be easily changed and updated according to needs, improving the effectiveness of information delivery.

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Stand-up LED poster display screens have a wide range of applications in various occasions, and here are some common usage scenarios and advantages:

Usage Scenarios:

Commercials: Used in shopping malls, shopping malls, retail stores, etc., to attract customers' attention, deliver product information and promotional information.

Exhibitions & Events: In exhibitions, events or conferences, standing LED screens can display exhibitors' products, services and brand information to enhance the attractiveness of the booth.

Transportation hubs: At transportation hubs such as stations and airports, it is used to provide real-time traffic information, advertising, and related public service information.

Hotels & Restaurants: Used as a guide screen or to promote services, special events and menus within the hotel.

Outdoor Advertising: Due to the good brightness and visibility of LED screens, they are often used for outdoor billboards to attract the attention of pedestrians and vehicles.

Information Release: Used in schools, hospitals, government agencies, etc., to release important information, announcements, and real-time updated content.


High brightness: The LED screen has high brightness, which can be clearly seen even in bright environments, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Dynamic content: Ability to display dynamic content and multimedia, and present information more vividly through videos, animations, etc.

Remote control: The content can be remotely controlled through the network, which is convenient for real-time update information, avoiding the trouble of manually replacing traditional posters.

Energy and environmental protection: LED technology is more energy-efficient than traditional lighting methods, helping to reduce energy consumption and have a longer lifespan.

Space utilization: The stand-up design saves space and is suitable for locations with limited space without the need for additional brackets or support structures.

Overall, the standing LED poster display has the advantages of high flexibility, good visual effect, and easy operation, making it widely used in many fields.