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What are the supporting equipment of led display
Author:Young      time:2024-04-09


Light-emitting diode
Control card
Power supply
Signal converter
Bracket and mounting structure
Control software

LED display is a comprehensive electronic product, and its supporting equipment includes the following 6 kinds:


Light-emitting diodes (leds) : leds are the most basic components of LED displays. They are used to emit bright light and form images and text.

Control card

Control card: The control card is the key device of LED display. It controls the display content of LED display by receiving signals from the computer or other data sources. The performance of the control card plays a crucial role in the display effect, refresh rate and stability of the LED display.

Power supply

Power supply: LED display requires a stable and reliable power supply to ensure its normal operation. Therefore, power supply is one of the indispensable supporting equipment of LED display.

Signal converter

Signal converter: Some LED displays need to convert analog signals to digital signals, or to convert different types of digital signals, when a signal converter is needed.

Brackets and mounting structures: LED displays require brackets and mounting structures to be mounted on walls, floors or other supporting structures. These supports and mounting structures must comply with the specifications and weight requirements of the LED display to ensure the safety and stability of the LED display.


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