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Indoor small spacing P1.667 display

P1.667 Small spacing LED screen features:

◆ No stitching, super wide viewing Angle, perfect display from any Angle

◆ Intelligent brightness adjustment, automatically adapt to the environment, long time watching without fatigue

◆ High refresh display, fast frame changing speed, eliminate double shadow without trailing

◆ The display unit is flexible and compact, and the surface stitching modeling is smooth

◆ Low brightness and high ash non-destructive technology, to solve the industry problems

Accuracy control technology, eliminate light and dark lines, ensure smooth and seamless screen body

  • Product introduction
  • Product parameters

1. Strong stability, it use of high-quality components and fine processing technology,  reduce the rate of dead lamp effectively.Power and signal double backup system, to ensure long time stable operation, support 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work.

 2, Low brightness and high gray, when the brightness is reduced to 20%, it can still present perfect gray performance, and the display consistency is very good.Under low brightness, the gray level of the display screen is still perfect, and the level and brightness of the display screen are higher than that of the traditional display screen.


3, High contrast, using high quality black light and corrugated light absorption subblack mask, the image is clear and sharp, bright and gorgeous color.


4, Good consistency, high strength structure fine-tuning technology, to achieve the whole screen seamless splicing.With fine tuning, eliminate the light and dark lines.Point by point correction technology, the whole screen brightness, chroma consistency and uniformity.


5, High refresh rate, HD camera shooting pictures dont have stripes.


6, Low reflective, using black fog surface lamp and corrugated light absorption mask, under bright light environment reflection is small, the picture is still clearly visible.

7. Super wide viewing Angle, LED screen viewing Angle reaches 160°, all angles of the picture uniform and clear natural.

8, Intelligent brightness adjustment, automatically adapt to the photosensitive adjustment equipment, will not affect the display screen due to ambient light.

Any module can be maintained from the front, faster and more convenient maintenance;Maintenance speed is more than 5 times higher than traditional products, stable operation, failure rate, double backup of power signal, to ensure long time stable operation, support 7*24 hours uninterrupted work.